Family Photographs Guide

There are two questions I get asked at the beginning of almost every session:

What will we wear?

What do we need to bring?

I will try to answer these images as best I can but if you have any further questions, just get back in touch!

Family/Child Portraits.

Come dressed as yourselves!  A family portrait should reflect your character and day to day personality at the time the images are taken.  The general rule is don’t all dress the same, but wear complementary colours.  The days of photographing a family of five all wearing identical outfits are (thankfully) over.  The internet is full of images of outdated family portraits with everyone wearing matching jeans and tops, I am not looking to add to these!  I undertake some fashion photography work and have had a few editorial features and more recently a front cover, all of which I styled myself, so I would like to think that I can offer some assistance if you are stuck with what to wear.

My studio sessions can take place with any of a number of different coloured backgrounds (or white if you prefer) so if you want to match to a particular room colour scheme with a frame and background colour choice, or go for a bright background to match or clash against brightly coloured hair/clothing we can do that.  Keep accessories minimal including only key pieces.  For example, If your teenager is never seen without headphones, bring a pair! If you wear glasses all the time, feel free to keep them on.  Toddler wont let go of that scabby blanket?  Bring it!  We’ll try to bribe with a few shots with and a few without.  Above all else, be comfortable and as I have already said, be yourselves.

Please also dress appropriately for outdoor sessions – don’t wear heels to a session in a park in November – a pair of boots, a scarf and a hat will make much more sense and you will enjoy it a lot more without frozen toes.

Accessorizing with a patterned bow tie really make this outfitOutfits can match without being the same!

Complimentary tones yet three completely different outfits

Complimentary tones yet three completely different outfits

If you must dress similar, dont go EXACTLY the same

Newborn Portraits (up to 14 days old) and Baby Portraits.

Skin is in!  The more natural the better for newborn photography.  There is nothing better than a little newborn baby.  Fingers and toes should at least be on show to see how tiny they are.  I have a variety of different accessories, blankets, bowls and backgrounds to use to suit each baby so only bring along items which are important to have included in the images such as a small teddy or special blanket.

Posed images are best achieved when a baby is under two weeks old.  The best advice I can give is to try and choose a time where a newborn baby will be at their sleepiest (which can be difficult while establishing an initial routine) which will give us the best chance obtaining these poses.

The specially equipped baby room is very warm to ensure that babies are comfortable and warm while unclothed, so may get a little sweaty for us adults.  There are towels and wipes on hand for inevitable accidents and bottle warming facilities.

Items to remember in your baby bag – please ensure that you have a change of clothes for baby (and mum/dad, just incase!) Plenty of milk, bibs, soothers and nappies to last you through.  Newborn sessions take approximately 2 hours, but this depends on how well settled the baby is – I have had sessions take far longer before.

CarterNewbornShoot006bwww IsabellaWadeNewborn025ww Babies need to be fast asleep to achieve these poses Wide awake and slightly older babies can still get great results let brothers and sisters join in too accessories complimented by colour co ordinating the background props dont have to be overpowering

Pet Portraits

Well behaved pets are always welcome – please let me know beforehand in case there is a session directly after so that I have time to clean up pet hair and drools before my next client!  Please ensure that dogs are well walked before the session to run out some energy… although if your dog is anything like mine, there is no end to the bounding around.  Bring plenty of treats and two thin leads if you can.

Exotic animals welcome although I am arachnophobic so unfortunately I can not manage spiders.  I have managed to hold a tarantula before as a part of therapy, but I think it actually made me worse.

I regularly photograph rescue dogs to assist with rehoming appeals.  If you know of a worthy charity please pass them my details.  (Must be a registered charity)



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