STV Glasgow Appearance

I was on the Riverside Show last week with my daughter discussing my new series ‘Exottish’ which I am currently working on.  It was equally fun and terrifying.  My daughter was with me and made us all laugh which took nerves away a little thankfully.

My project looks at Exoticism and Identity of non caucasian Scottish individuals, and also looks at mixed race girls and their mothers to reflect my own circumstances.  Scotland is a country which has very strong iconology (kilts, red hair, tartan etc etc) and I wanted to confront difficulties faced by Scots who dont conform to the visual stereotype.

The project has been really well received by many associations, but massive thanks goes out to STV and Show Racism The Red Card for their help in sourcing individuals for me to photograph.

I am still shooting so if you would like to get involved, please get in touch!