Cake Smash Photoshoot Parties

A first or second birthday can be celebrated at Crave Images studio in East Kilbride as a fun way to commemorate the occasion giving fun yet beautiful images to treasure forever.  This doesnt have to be done on the birthday – why not do it a month or so before and have the cake smash images displayed on their actual birthday?

A smile before the smash

A smile before the smash

A cake smash is great fun for the babies who take part (many of whom have never tasted cake before) but is also fun for all those watching, so invite the grandparents along too so that everyone can have a giggle. The session begins as a standard photoshoot to gain some lovely portrait with the birthday boy or girl in an outfit which you dress them in before the mess, and then, while you get them changed in to cake smash worthy clothes, I will assemble an army of balloons and other props along with the cake ready for the mess to begin. Your little one will be sat beside the cake and I will document what happens next.  Little by little, the cake and your child get messier and messier! As with all sessions, you will be invited back in around a weeks time to view the images on screen to see the results and whittle down your final selection.

Sitting pretty - cake co ordinated with the tutu!

Sitting pretty – cake co ordinated with the tutu!

Some cake smash specific information: Cake Smash outfits can be supplied in the form of a nappy cover or colourful tutu.  Remember you call the shots with colour schemes though, so bringing your own outfits makes your session even more unique.  Denim shorts for boys look great against any coloured background, and with any colour of cake smeared all over!  There are so many girly options but tutus prove very popular. I do not supply your cakesmash cake as I do not have the relevant licensing to do so, but the following information will allow you to choose the best cake for your session. Cakes must be smashable!  Hard icing is no good – a fresh buttercreme topping is best to get baby licking their fingers and getting big dods of it on their outfit or skin.

Cakey toes

Cakey toes

Where I can, I try to book cake smash sessions later in the day as the last session due to the fact that both myself and my studio end up covered in cake!  It takes quite a bit of cleaning up!  If this conflicts with your plans then earlier appointments are okay too, or alternatively book an evening appointment midweek. The following locations provide great cakes: 1.  Taste Lindas Cakes (East Kilbride) – Linda and I met around 5 years ago whilst I photographed some of her wedding cakes for display.  I was so impressed that I hired her to make an electric guitar cake for my daughters birthday. It was awesome!  Linda is based in The Village area of East Kilbride and can make you a great cakesmash cake made completely to your taste and requirements.  View her website here and contact with as much notice as possible to avoid disappointment 2.  Cakes With Love (Glasgow) –  Valerie creates mouthwateringly beautiful cakes which are so detailed and intricate sometimes I cant believe that they are edible!  Custom cakes are a speciality here with no theme out of reach.  View her previous designs and contact through her website, but she books well in advance 3.  Wholefoods (Nearest is Giffnock) – Wholefoods take cake orders which must be made at least 48 hours in advance.  They use all natural and organic ingredients so you can pretend that it is healthy!  I had a fabulous multicoloured cake made up to match one of our tutus and it looked amazing! Cake colours are truly up to you but I would say to keep in mind that chocolate buttercreme smeared all over your baby and the background will look pretty muddy!  I am fine with that if you are.  Bright or pastel colours work brilliantly, even white or cream! **Please note that most supermarket cakes do not ‘smash’ they crumble and just leave a greasy mess on the backdrop – As such, they are not recommended.  Your baby will also find them powdery and dry and probably not want to interact with it very much**

the aftermath...

the aftermath…

Please ensure that you bring a change of clothes with you.  Pyjamas or a onesie would be great until you can get your little one home for a bath, however I have plenty of wipes in the studio and there are toilet/sink facilities for a more thorough clean up before you leave if you wish.

Not every baby will completely ‘smash’ their cake, some might not even like the taste.  Who knows, maybe you can even rescue some to take home.  One thing is for sure though is that they are always intrigued by it, and pull some very interesting faces!  Your baby might want to run around with balloons for the most of the session instead which can also yield some great images.  Whatever happens, my clients are always laughing away during the session and again when they come back to view the images.

Its my Crave Images cakesmash and I'll cry if I want to

Its my Crave Images cakesmash and I’ll cry if I want to

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I got a little too involved in this one!  Why not, I was covered in cake anyway!

I got a little too involved in this one! Why not, I was covered in cake anyway!