Babies with their cakesmash parties aren’t the only ones who can celebrate at Crave Images!

The beautiful birthday girl

The beautiful birthday girl

I host birthday parties for all ages and even hen parties for those looking to celebrate in style.

For the purpose of this post, I have included images of my own daughters photoparty at Crave Images.  Lamaya turned 11 in October, and gathered with 8 of her friends in the studio in East Kilbride to celebrate the occasion.  This was just a few weeks after the studio opened and for the first time I got to really use the whole 1000sqft of the main studio!


During the 2 hour and 15 minute time slot, the children can have individual and group shots taken, as well as each guest photographed with the birthday girl/boy.  Both ‘beauty’ shots and fun shots will be taken to appeal to the kids and the parents!  There will be a selection of background colours and styles to choose from, and the children are welcome to bring a change of clothes for more variety in the images.

All smiles for the birthday girl

All smiles for the birthday girl

Feel free to theme the party!  Princesses, heroes, villains, divas and rockstars… even onesies!  Anything is possible, just make sure everyone will be comfortable.  My daughter went for Divas & Rockstars which worked well with their outfit changes.  We began with a girly pink party theme for some beauty shots before getting changed in to more comfortable clothes.  The second half of the party had a ‘photobooth’ feel to it, with props making the rockstars come to life.  They formed 3 mini bands and really got in to character!  Lamaya11079

I can work with you to help theme your party to make it completely unique.  There are a variety of colour options available and different textured backgrounds including an icy blue ‘frozen’ style!  Whatever theme or colour scheme, the children always bring the photos to life with their individuality and character.

Of course, some children are more confident than others, and I will use my judgement and experience to get the best out of the more reserved children to help them shine!  Music is played throughout to eliminate any awkward silences.  I begin with group photographs which slowly eases the children in to the flow of the party and when they start to loosen off, I will photograph each of them individually in a variety of poses to make them feel like the centre of attention.  Of course, the birthday girl/boy gets some extra camera time and is always the centre of attention.

Party guests are all photographed separately too!

Party guests are all photographed separately too!

Each child will also be photographed with the birthday girl/boy as a pair, and this always makes way for some hilarious pulled faces, but we get some lovely smiles and natural laughing shots in between the madness.  If it is as much fun to take part as it is to watch, then these kids are having an absolute ball.

The flow of a Photoparty is generally as follows;

45 minutes outfit/background 1

15 minute break to get changed, have a drink/snack

45 minutes outfit/background 2

30 minutes for a meal/cake cut/dance/game before waiting for parents to collect.

A mounted print will be given to each partygoer at the end as a momento.



Helpful Photoparty Information:

Photoparties last around 2 hours and 15 minutes and are best suited for ages 6 and up and for up to 8 children although larger group parties are available.

Food is not provided by Crave Images in compliance with catering and food licensing restrictions, however there are many fast food restaurants located nearby including Dominos Pizza (they deliver to the studio!) McDonalds, Subway, Greggs, Pizza Hut (also deliver to the studio) and Burger King.  These are all within a few hundred yards of the studio which is great for parties, but not so great for my diet.  Feel free to bring along a birthday cake for a sing along.

Children must be supervised at all times within the studio and so a minimum of two accompanying adults (one a parent/guardian of the birthday boy/girl) is compulsory.  Health and safety information will be given out at the beginning to all attendees to ensure a smooth running party.

It is advised that parents of guests drop off and pick up their children, although if there are transport issues, parents are welcome to wait in the reception.

Each guest will be given a photograph for their party bag at the end of the session, and the birthday girl/boy will be invited back around a week later to view their images on the big screen and choose their favourite to have framed, and also included in to an album depending on what package is chosen.  Feel free to invite some family and friends along to the occasion, the client viewing lounge can seat up to six, or more if we get creative with the seating arrangements!

These parties are not limited to children – Consider an 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th… or even a hen party as a fun start to a night out!  For adults, add an extra hour and have a make up artist attend to have you looking your best.  I can recommend some very talented working make up artists.



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