Newborn Shoot FAQ

I thought it was about time I put some of your questions together in to one place as I feel like I am repeating myself ūüôā

What does a newborn shoot involve?

A newborn shoot is a wonderful way to capture the early days of the brand new human that you have made.  Normally your baby will be photographed in a variety of poses that capture the feeling of how small they are.  Newborn sessions work best showing shape and form and as such, wrapping and posing your baby in soft blankets and wraps is a better way to show them off than in baby grows and outfits etc which are usually always too big at this stage anyway!


How long will the shoot take?

How long is a piece of newborn string?  Every baby is different and so each session will vary in length depending how settled your baby is.  Most of the poses are best undertaken when your baby is very sleepy (or they will usually stretch a leg or arm out when you are trying to pose them to look small!).  Newborns take a while to settle in to a routine, so what is feed time and nap time one day might be different the next.  I generally say that each shoot will last approximately 2 hours but that will vary depending on how well they are doing.  Some babies settle very well, others take longer, and others have gone home and come back another day!  The best advice I can give to maximise the amount of shoot time is to ensure that your baby is recently fed before the appointment time so that they might be settled and tired.

How many images will I get?

Same as above really, the results of the shoot will very depending how settled and cooperative your baby is.  Generally speaking you will be able to view and choose your favourites from between 20-40 images, although less is normal if your baby is particularly unsettled.

My baby has pretty bad cradle cap – can you airbrush this out?

Many newborns will have cradle cap, milk spots, scratches from tiny fingernails, flaky skin, or other conditions that brand new humans have to cope with while getting used to life on the outside.  I will of course minimise or take away these marks where appropriate.  Birth marks such as port wine stains, strawberry marks or mongolian blue spots should be left in the photographs to capture the moment in time of how your baby looked when new, although I know that these usually reduce over time, so I dont mind reducing the size or making them stand out a little less if you ask me to.  If you have any specific requirements, just ask!

My baby is so small and helpless Рare you experienced and qualified?  I need reassurance!

I myself am a mother and wouldnt dream of putting your baby in danger all for the sake of a photograph! ¬†On top of approximately 8 years of professional photographic experience, I have a BA (Hons) in Photography, an affiliation with the Baby and Newborn Photographer Association (, my business is insured, and I have a lifelong love of little babies. ¬†I dont take any risks with your baby. ¬†I dont shoot anything that requires precarious positioning, balancing, or hoping for the best. ¬†To achieve some of the more cutsey poses, I normally shoot in two parts, and photoshop out mum or dads hand. ¬†The ‘head in hands pose’ is a difficult one to achieve unsupported – it can be done, but that doesnt mean that it should be. ¬†I have read horror stories online of a babies head falling from its posed hands because there was no one to support it. ¬†PLEASE if you do not choose me as your photographer, ask your photographer if they are experienced and ensure that they are insured at the very least as it shows a certain level of professionalism. ¬†My studio is warm and designed with your baby in mind.

What do I need to bring?

My studio is well stocked with various props and blankets to show your baby off at its best. ¬†I dont have over the top props – catapillar outfits, peapods etc… I have seen these things and while they are cute, I think it is best to give your images which show off your baby… not a costume! ¬†I have some tasteful headbands, dried flower crowns and hats for girls and boys. ¬†Feel free to bring along something of sentimental importance to be photographed with your baby, for example something belonging to a family member no longer here, or a favourite gift. ¬†Take with your what you would normally pack in your bag for an outing with baby – extra nappies, milk, wipes/cotton wool and a change of clothes (for baby and for you! Just incase)


Can I include siblings?

Yes!  Please remember that the session can take some time and so children may get bored waiting around (especially if they are jealous or apprehensive of their new family member)  so it may be best if someone could bring them along closer to the end of the session.  They are welcome to hang around and watch a dvd to pass the time while waiting for their turn in front of the camera.

Can I include family pets?

Yes!  I allow well behaved pets in the studio.  Again, take consideration of the length of time the session might take and note that the studio must be kept warm for unclothed babies.  This feels hot for us clothed grown ups, and even hotter for furry pets.  Please under no circumstances leave your pet in your car outside during warm weather.  I will halt the session.


I hope that this gives you an insight of your forthcoming session with Crave Images.  If you have any further questions please just ask!  (you might even prompt me to add to this faq)